European Researchers' Night 2011


Researchers' Night 2011 - September, 23rd

Udine - Gorizia - Nova Gorica

Take part in the competitions for the 2011 Researchers’ Night

Summer competitions


What if you were one of the winners of “Researchers’ Night”?

Take part in the summer competitions organized by “Researchers’ Night” in Udine and Gorizia. You can win fantastic prizes! Let’s play Science ville. Everybody does.
Stick & Win is the summer competition where the researchers in the official video of “ Researchers’ Night” become celebrities. If you are young and creative, then Image Science is the challenge for you! Participate and win. How about it? Choose a competition and enter now!

Stick & win competition

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Video-Photographic contest
Image science

Win the Night's amazing prizes

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Sequel Video Promo Contest
The Night goes on

Make your own movie

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Contests on the night


“Researchers’ Night” is winners’ night. Do you want to be there too?

The night of September 23rd is magical and full of surprises, as well as the contests awaiting you in Udine and Gorizia. There will be great prizes to be won and lots of fun! Let’s play Science ville. Everybody does.
May the best one win is a contest ranking the various researchers’ stands in Udine, while “Whoever researches will find” is an adventurous treasure hunt, which will take place in Gorizia/Nova Gorica. Learn how to participate and what you can win. And you? Have you already chosen which contest to enter?  


Stand Contest – May the best stand win

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Treasure hunt – Whoever researches wins
(Gorizia/Nova Gorica)

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