European Researchers' Night 2011


Researchers' Night 2011 - September, 23rd

Udine - Gorizia - Nova Gorica

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Sponsoring can be rewarding
There are lots of benefits for supporters of the European Researchers’ Night. This initiative is expected to attract a host of people, since it will involve the towns of Udine, Gorizia and Nova Gorica. The topic, Science & Research, will be of interest to a wide audience: very little is known about it although it is often in the news. On September 23rd, come and meet the Researchers in person and see and their work. The coordinators, the University of Udine, with the collaboration of prestigious institutional partners, will also be there. Be noticed. Such an important event, promoted by the European Commission, will assure both newsworthiness and media attention in the short term as well as the long term. Moreover, being part of the European Researchers’ Night is also a positive way of contributing to society. Public and private organizations supporting the initiative:  
  • will be sharing public opinion, stimulating the entire community’s awareness towards researchers and their activities, especially at a difficult time as this for Italian universities;
  • will facilitate the territory’s development by increasing local awareness and responsibility towards the territory itself;
  • will promote the social worthiness of their Corporations as well as their ethics.
Sponsoring the European Researchers’ Night is more than mere payback: it will promote your social standing and your reputation will be enhanced. If you support the European Researchers Night, you support research. Support scientific research, become a sponsor.  
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